The stippling on Crimson Trace
grips are in direct response to a
request from Larry Vickers retired
US Army Special Operations
soldier, member of American
Pistolsmiths Guild,  and a founding
member of IDPA.  This process
gives the Crimson Trace Grips  a
new level of adherence to the
shooter's hand.  This service has
now been requested by many
shooters as well as other custom
pistolsmiths.  The texturing can be
done on any Crimson Trace Grip
that is not rubber over-molded.  
Cost for 1911 grips and Glock unit:  
As seen on 1911 grip above and
Glock unit below.
Glock 21 seen here features a grip cut
down to hold Glock 30 mags with
Glock 21 base pads.  This gives the
hand a full grip on the gun instead of a
two finger hold during reloads.  It also
gives a full fighting gun slide and sight
radius.  The basic job is $70.00  This
does create a truly awesome
concealable fighting .45 ACP.  This can
be done in its basic form just as a cut
down or the full house job like seen
here .  See the services page for
possible modifications available.
Work on this HK P2000 includes:
Grip stippling, trigger job, and slide/levers
refinished in gray.
Work on this Glock 21 includes:
Grip reduction, stippled grip 360, finger grooves removed, mag
well cut outs, rounded trigger guard 3/4 stipple, stippled thumb
rests, radius slide stop, standard trigger job, polished feed ramp
and chamber, contoured front and rear of slide, radiused ejection
port heavy, forward cocking serrations, MMC adjustable tritium
sights, OD Green r
This customer Glock 19 has the "SG" short grip
modification to Glock 26 magazines and 360
This S&W M&P 9 mm features:  front cocking serrations on
it's heavily contoured slide along with 360 stippling, mag well
cut outs, custom rear sight.  Internal work on this pistol
includes polished feed ramp and chamber and a trigger job
set at 4.25 lb. The trigger now has an extremely shortened
reset and very little over travel.  
Refer to M&P page for prices.
This Glock 19 features among other custom items a beavertail
addition, grip reduction, 360 stippling, slide contouring, and
front cocking serrations.
This M&Pc features heavy contour on slide with coyote tan
finish on it and levers. It's frame is fully stippled along with the
magazine release button, trigger guard and forward thumb
rests. It also has my "L" trigger job that breaks at a crisp 4
This customer's Glock 19 features among
other custom items a beaver tail, grip
reduction with high stippling, magazine
release button scallop, and  fully
contoured slide refinished in coyote tan.
The SG, Short Grip conversion
can be done on many of the
Glock and XD pistols.  Most are
reduced to use the factory
configured magazines.  The cost
for this is $70.00.  The bottom of
the gun can be cut straight or
with the back strap flush with
bottom of magazine depending
on customer request.  On the cut
downs to a 26 and 27 type guns
the base will have the factory
look of the mag sitting up inside
the front and back of the gun.

The HK P30 to the left
shows the full Vicker's
Package, which
includes trigger over
travel stop, trigger
guard trench removal,
mag release radius and
360 grip stippling.

Cost for full pkg.
All Red Dot milling is done with all
registration points properly milled
into the slide. This allows for
co-witness with front sight if
needed. Bosses have to be in the
slide for proper strength.
  I love teaching. The chance to help
people learn the life saving skill sets they
need is so rewarding. As a lead instructor
at Tactical Defense institute I get to teach
military, like this young man, as well as
Law enforcement and average folks that
want to win when the balloon goes up.  
This is a full size M&P cut to
compact mags. gun features
trijicon red dot, full stippling pkg.
"LX" trigger at 4.5 pounds etc.
Bowie Tactical is now milling Glocks
and M&P's for the new Trijicon RMR
sights. I will also mill the line on the
rear of the sight to co witness with
taller front sight at no added cost. New
front sight is not included but can be
purchased. Cost for slide milling is
$175 which includes co-witness line.
Below is a Glock 17 with
"SG" conversion to 19,
grip reduction, 360
stippling, rounded trigger
guard and rear trigger
guard radius, etc. wearing
a Trijicon RMR and taller
co-witness front sight.
The best way yet to run a BUIS with RMR. It mounts a
suppressor sight in front of the RMR which gives an un
accluded view of the dot and window while still maintaining a
great back sight view. lower third cowitness The dovetail cut
is $50 and black front and rear sights are $55 Tritium is
available if user requests. Available on Glocks and M&P's
Demand for this set up has went off
the charts. The benefits have been
seen by even the industry
manufacturers. The sight
manufacturer is having one built for a
display gun and for use in a study.
Now offering this suppressor
sight set up with the Leupold
DELTAPOINT also. Shown here on
a M&P but can also be installed
on glocks.
This KAHR P380 has 360 stipple,mag well cut out, Slide
contour refinished melonite, radiused slide stop,
reliability Pkg., trijicon night sights.Scallop behind mag.
release. Cost for this Pkg. is $510.00
Now offering Deltapoint milling and
BUIS on 1911 slides as well. some
1911's may not handle this
depending on what sight cuts are
and BUIS
on custom
Cover plates for RMR,
Deltapoint and J-point
are now available. Fits
all slides I mill for. This
allows gun to be used
should RDS need to be
removed. $45.00
I have a limited number
ready until I see how
demand for these go.
This rear BUIS set up on the M&P
offers the first true
rear co-witness
answer on the market for the
RMR and Deltapoint. RMR rear
BUIS availible on Glock also.
While my designs for BUIS are constantly
copied as usual BTC stays ahead in the
fighting handgun optics world like this
rear mounted BUIS for the Deltapoint on
M&P and Glock
RDS mounting
generally done in 30
days, sometimes less.
Sight availability or
refinish choice can
vary that.
RDS milling is $175
BUIS is $55 for black on
black and for front
mounted Rear sight as
suggested dovetail mill
is $55 on XD rear must
be in front and M&P
requires a new dovetail
at either place.