Stipple full grip (includes 1 grip panel)                                        90.00
Stipple each additional grip panel                                                15.00 per
Stipple trigger guard                                                                        15.00
Stipple forward thumb rests                                                          15.00
Mag well cut outs                                                                              20.00
Remove beaver tail                                                                           35.00
Remove rise at mag release button                                             10.00
Radius slide                                                                                       40.00
Oxide blast slide (which leaves matte stainless finish)          20.00
Cocking serrations                                                                           90.00
Slide refinish                                                                                     90.00
services page for more information about refinishing)                                                             
Trigger job (reduces pull weight, over travel, and reset) "S" 75.00
-See option descriptions below for trigger work               "L"  85.00
Polish feed ramp and chamber (reliability package)                25.00
XS Sights Tritium Front Only  50.00          Full set                     85.00
M&P Short grip  conversion/ full size to compact mags       125.00
OD green grip insert  (
Out of stock,no date known)               30.00 each
CTC M&P Laser Grips without stippling                               265.00 each         
                        with stippling                                                 295.00 each               
NEW TRIGGER OPTION- LX TRIGGER                                  100.00                       
-Very short pre travel  and over travel Similar to a 1911                                              
Bowie Tactical Concepts is now offering two types of trigger jobs on the M&P.
Seen in the upper pictures is what I call my "L" for long trigger job. This is For
shooters who like the long trigger in a 1911 or have large hands and want the
trigger to connect and stop to the front of it's travel. It still has very little over
travel and short reset this all just happens with very little pre-travel.
The "S" or short trigger job, as seen in the lower pictures,  moves the trigger to
the rearmost portion of the cycle before engaging the sear, and has very little
over travel and a very short reset like the "L" trigger.  Both trigger jobs can have
varied pull weights down to 4 pounds depending on the customer's wants.
                            "S" trigger job  $75.00
                            "L" trigger job  $85.00   


 Not pictured:
LX trigger  $100.00 (very short pre and over travel similar to a 1911

Price List for M & P Modifications
Slide radiusing will look like this
slide. Edges rounded and
softened without destroying the
lines of the M&P
Co-witnessed RMR
See picture
page for more
info on this
set up
 Milling for various red dots on the M&P is $175 for bossed RDS mill,
$50 for new dovetail for rear site and  $55 for black suppressor height
BUIS to co witness. Slide alone is all that's needed to mill and in most
cases I don't need your RDS I only need to know which sight is being
used. Total is $280 and for slide only return shipping is $15